Calculation of severance and notice pay

Your Information
Start date of employment
End date of employment
Gross Salary (TRY)
Cumulative income tax base (TRY)
Total cumulative income tax for the last month of employment.
Annual additional gross income total (TRY)
Sum of all gross benefits during final year (bonus, transportation payments...)
Work Period 0
Severance Day 0
Severance Ceiling 10.000,00
Severance Base 0
Gross Severance Pay 0
Stamp Tax 0
Severance Pay 0
Work Period 0
Notice Period 0 week
Gross Notice Pay 0
Stamp Tax 0
Bracket -
Income Tax 0
Notice Pay 0
Total 0

* The amounts calculated are for informational purposes, do not constitute final payroll information and cannot be presented or submitted as final payroll information. We recommend you obtain the opinion of an expert or consultant before and after definite payroll transactions.